Easily Explore Resources with Higher Logic’s Redesigned Community Library

HL News // Our library has a new look and feel, making it easier than ever for your online community members to explore resources.

Lizzie Urban
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Sharing resources is a big part of any user’s community experience. They want to access your resources and share templates and files with each other, and you want the library to be organized, easy to access, and simple to manage.

That’s why we’ve updated the look and feel for the libraries in our Community product. The redesigned experience gives community managers new ways to highlight important resources, as well as an improved browsing experience for users.

All these changes help your community members locate important resources more easily than ever. More engagement? Yes please!

Let’s dive into a few of the library highlights:

A more modern user experience

File types with media previews (videos, PPTs, PDFs, images) will have their own custom view, and for non-media files (like documents, audio files, etc.), thumbnail images will represent the library entry based on file type, or you can choose to upload a custom image to represent your library entry.

Additionally, clicking on a library entry will display that entry’s full details, without needing to navigate away to a new page.

Browsing for visual learners

The new library view is a more modern interface for browsing resources in the community (and designed with accessibility in mind). As a bonus, with the new “card” view, your more visual community learners can enjoy browsing resources by their image rather than just by title.

Useful tools for community admins

Admins can pin featured resources to the top of the library. Plus, they have better tools for easier management, including drag and drop to move files and folders. Admins can choose from options to exclude discussion thread attachments from community libraries or provide members a way to filter them out when browsing a library.

“Before we moved to our Higher Logic community, we used a series of tools: a library for resources, forum software, and an e-list. We’ve been able to combine everything we need into one by using Higher Logic. Every community has a library, we use daily digests, and we can allow local chapters to have their own committees with boards, committees, and events. It keeps us organized and gives our members many more ways to communicate with each other.”

Timothy Brooks, Director of Membership, American Mensa

Find out how the library can work for your members or customers. Want to see more of Higher Logic’s online community platform? Let’s connect.

Lizzie Urban

Sr. Product Manager

Lizzie is a senior product manager at Higher Logic focused on our Community product. In her previous role on the Strategic Services team, she managed online communities for several Higher Logic customers.

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